For me, intuitive art is the free and limitless play with colors and shapes. Visual experimentation produces endless creative ideas… Art inspires, touches and is real. Last but not least, art is also a spiritual space of experience for me. I would like to share this space with you in my intuitive art workshop.

Intuition Painting

Maybe you (like me at the beginning) are a bit confused with all the offers that exist under the term “intuitive painting”. I think there are an infinite number of approaches to let intuition be painted through you. Artistic creation itself is in principle an “intuitive activity” :).

Over the past few years, I have been particularly impressed by Ulrike Hirsch’s approach. She combines her self-developed “Healing Intuitive Painting” with coaching and healing support. With her I also trained as a painting companion in “Healing Intuitive Painting” and have been offering intuitive painting sessions since 2019. In these painting sessions I combine feeling- and heart-based intuiton painting with the creative play with the color worlds.

What (for me) is intuition painting

Many of us basically associate the “language of painting” with something aesthetic. I see it a little differently now. For me, there are simply 2 different ways of expressing how we bring “what is in us” thoughts and feelings visually on the page: Pictures and writing. This fact can be seen wonderfully in young children who are not yet proficient in writing. From the very beginning, you use imagery, doodling and painting as your form of expression of what is just there.

This is exactly where we start with intuition painting. We paint and doodle (again) like little children, without expectation of the picture itself. With heart, intuition and as little reason as possible, we paint ourselves freely. With the radical approach of letting go of any focus on results (aesthetics, composition…) during painting, we open ourselves to the intuitive field of creation. In this “intuitive space” we dare to experiment freely and create something new.

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