Affirmation symbols

For these affirmation sentences I have developed symbols:

Affirmation “I am loved”

Affirmation “I am confident and positive”

Affirmation “My body is in perfect harmony”

Affirmation “I am powerful and healthy”


Because I had been planning this project for a long time, and … because I can…
I realized quite early on that there are a few mediumistic abilities slumbering in me … and at irregular intervals I also had the experience of “channeling”, i.e. reproducing words that did not really come from me … they were deceased at that time, who spoke through me (with their relatives), so to speak …

I found this really scary at the time and decided not to pursue these “strange” abilities any further … As far as words were concerned, this talent has also been lost over the years …

In pictures, however, the channel has remained with me … and so I have always intuitively implemented spiritually flowing works of art and healing images and now enjoyed developing very simple symbols from affirmation sentences with the help of my “soul channel” … These affirmation symbols are, so to speak, born from a healing sentence, contain it and naturally act as such.

Why the “detour” with an “abstract sign”?

A simple symbol is easier to grasp than written words; it is better absorbed into the heart and intuitively more effective … That is my personal feeling. Maybe it’s the same for you…

You can use a symbol quite well as a visual anchor, so to be reminded of the thing it stands for. A symbol is also more aesthetic and easier to “take along”. Last but not least, I find it more pleasant when others can’t necessarily read my affirmation sentence word for word …

For example, if I were to fill a water bottle with the phrase “I am loved” … Honestly? I would be embarrassed on the road, but I find a beautiful affirmation symbol effective and aesthetic.

As a practical idea, you can hang the symbol at home (together with the affirmation sentence) over your desk or bed, so both are present and can then “continue to work” on the go via the symbol.

If you want, you can download the symbols I developed here: