Welcome to my blog

Here you will find various things around my creative work. News about my 페트라 watercolor art, tips and ideas for intuitive painting and everything worth knowing and further tips about the graphic platform Canva.

Affirmation symbols

I have developed affirmation symbols, or healing symbols. Why I'm telling you in this post.

I reveal the secret of my 페트라 signature

What is this scribble? a friend asked me the other day. Those are Korean characters.

Solve Canva export problems

How to export high-resolution images from Canva with a free account. How to convert your PDF from RGB to CMYK profile

Photo number Collage with Canva Template

A number photo collage can be a wonderful birthday or anniversary gift. Because it is a beautiful memento and a very personal photo memento of shared experiences, of the family and loved ones.

Practice intuition with doodling and painting like a child.

Intuition is a useful gift for many big and small decisions in everyday life. To feel our feelings at the right moment and to be mindful of our body reactions.

Watercolor sketches as hair accessories

The other day I awoke my intuitive remnants from their digital slumber.