How to design number collages with a Canva template

In my etsyshop artcentereddesign I offer templates for number photo collages in three different font styles. The font style is of course pure matter of taste. The different templates are suitable for different numbers of pictures. In the bold font (far right) you can insert about 32 photos (the amount of pictures varies with the number and some pictures are cropped). The background color is irrelevant, because you can change it with one click.

Template suitable for about 8 – 10 photos


Template suitable for about 12 – 16 photos


Template suitable for about 27 – 32 photos


A number photo collage can be a wonderful birthday or anniversary gift.

Because it is a beautiful memento and a very personal photo memento of shared experiences, of the family and loved ones. To create a number collage yourself, you can use a Canva template. Canva is a graphic design platform with which even laymen can design wonderfully independently. Especially if they use a template and personalize it.

As a graphic designer, I think Canva is wonderful. Because it allows you not only to equip the collage with your personal photos, you can also continue to design as you like and thus conjure up a super-creative unique gift.

  • You can choose between countless fonts and font colors and add as much text as you want.
  • Canva offers really cool photo filters… so you really create your own style.
  • … and best of all: If you don’t have a computer at hand, you can design everything in your phone. Canva offers an app for this.

Would you like to give it a try? I’ll show you step by step how to proceed.

For this I give you the 50s number collage

You can download it here:

50s Canva template for free editing

This template is for personal use only, it may not be resold in printed or digital form. The design is subject to the copyright of Petra Steinhauser. This template contains the number “50” In the saleable original template in my etsy shop you will find all numbers from 10 – 90. With the PROMOCODE: COLLAGE50 there is a 20% discount.

Step 1

To use the graphic design platform, you must create an account on Canva with your email. There are no additional costs.

Step 2

Click on the template link and open the template. You will now see the number collage with many small placeholder graphics, each of these elements is a “frame” = (photo) frame and can be filled with a photo.

To upload your photos, click on “Uploads” on the left and on the purple button “upload files”. Your photos will now load into the dark gray area on the left. Now drag and drop the desired photo over a frame with your mouse until it turns purple and then let go. That’s how easy it is to fill the collage with your own photos.

Step 3

If you want to edit the image within a frame, double-click the image. You will then see your image in its original form with round handles.

  • To move your photo, click in the middle and drag it to the desired location
  • At the corners you can zoom in and out of the photo
  • Just outside, usually below the image, a “rotate” icon appears. Here you can also rotate the image within the frame.

To exit edit mode, simply click outside.

4. Change text

Now edit the font: To do this, roll the mouse over the font. A purple frame appears. Now a double click on the font and the cursor starts flashing. You can now write your text. Note: the purple frame has got side handles next to the corner handles, so you can pull the text box sideways larger if your text is too long and would otherwise wrap. Below the text box appear round icons with which you can rotate or move the text box.

5. Change font

The menu above the design pane has changed as follows for text editing:

I list the most important menu items from left to right:

  • Choose font style
  • Font size
  • Font color
  • Font style
  • Text alignment (centered left-aligned, etc.)

6. Align

If your font is no longer centered, you can click on your text box once under “Position” on the right and center it on the canvas with the alignment symbols.

7. Let’s continue with the right export:

In the upper purple area click on “Share” (=Share, or in the larger sense export), then on “Download”

Now come the settings: You want to be able to print the collage in high resolution, so set the following:

  • For “Filetype” you choose PDF Print
  • “Select Page”: here you choose the page you want to print (with the 50s collage there is only one)
  • Click Download

You will now receive a high-resolution PDF document that you can print with your printer or in the print shop. Have fun with it.