I’ll show you here how to solve some annoying export problems of Canva

I am convinced of the simplicity and export quality Canva can offer as an online graphics platform. However, the way to a good export result with Canva can be rocky, especially with the free basic account you sometimes need a workaround. For the following typical export problems I have found a good solution for you:

  • The export to a JPG, PNG does not get sharp.
  • I have exported a multi-page PDF with Canva and want to convert it to individual JPGs
  • I can only export a PDF with RGB color space, but I need CMYK for my print shop

How to export high-resolution images from Canva

If you don’t have a Pro account in Canva, it’s difficult to export high-resolution images directly from Canva. With a little workaround, you can get JPGs and PNGs in great print quality.

Here is a solution:

The best quality you get with the export as “PDF Print”.
In a second step you export the PDF as JPG or PNG.

There are several ways of exporting, I show you 2 possibilities here:

a) Export your PDF as JPG /PNG with Adobe Acrobat

  • Open the PDF file in Acrobat.
  • Click Export PDF in the right panel.
  • Select Image as export format and choose your desired format
  • Click on Export.

b) Export your PDF as JPG /PNG with PDF Shaper

PDF Shaper is a small helpful program (free for private use). I was convinced by the export quality, the flexible setting of the resolution (dpi) and the export of multi-page PDFs. I also made a video on Youtube about this, I show you how to export a multi-page advent calendar (PDF) into individual images.

  • Open the PDF file in PDF Shaper
  • Click in the left panel “Export PDF to image”.
  • You can set the resolution here
  • You can also set here to export multi-page PDFs into single JPGs.

How to convert your PDF with RGB color profile to CMYK

Some printers ask you for a PDF with CMYK color profile. Here is a guide:

On the internet platform presspdf.com you can convert your PDF for free.

  • Upload your PDF to presspdf.
  • Click on “RGB > CMYK” on the far left below the horizontal line.
  • The icon will turn gray, so the color profile has been converted.
  • You can now save your document under the Save button (2nd from left).