Intuitive painting sessions

Hello, nice that you are interested in my intuitive painting sessions. In these sessions I open up a space for you where you can joyfully experience painting by feeling (intuition painting) and the free experimentation with colors.

Here’s what awaits you in the painting sessions:

With heart, intuition we paint ourselves freely. In the beginning we do loosening and creative exercises, sometimes also color experiments … It is about first arriving well in the “world of intuition painting and free experimentation”, so that you can continue painting completely free of everyday and mental ballast.

I offer painting according to themes, sometimes the experiment with color or a certain technique is in the foreground. Check out the descriptions below to find out what the focus of each appointment is.

Note: Intuition painting is always a mouthpiece of your soul and can give you valuable healing impulses. However, my offer does not represent a therapeutic offer.


There are currently no further dates planned


20 – 25 Euro.

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